Who is Universal Composite Engineering?

We are an Australian based company that provides first class manufacturing services in composite materials.  We can prototype or manufacture any product or part in composite materials to suit your needs. We can work with a company or an individual, in any industy, who needs a composite solution to their engineering problem.

What are Composite Materials?

Composite literally means “more than one”. At Universal Composite Engineering we use any combination of Plastic Resins, Pre-Pregs, Carbon Fibre, Fibreglass, Kevlar™, Wood, Core plastics, Foams and Honeycomb materials. A composite product may even incorporate metal and/or moving parts.

What techniques does UCE use?

We use a variety of methods to create your product or part depending on cost, timeframe and product performance. We may use methods such as vacuum bagging, Resin Infusion (VARTM), Pre-preg layups and Wet layups. Whatever technique we use producing the highest quality part is our aim.

Do you make composite tooling?

Yes, if you have your own product design we can make and supply custom composite tooling to save you the cost and difficulties of making your own tooling in-house.

Do you Export?

Yes, we can arrange to send out custom products or parts to international clients.

What Industries do you manufacture for?

Our experience is vast and we have supplied composite solutions and services for the following industries.

We are not limited to working in the above industries.

Contact Us

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