ARCHITECTURAL - Ultra slim, Ultra hardwearing, Carbon Fibre

Ultra slim, ultra light, ultra unique.

Universal offers the slimmest timber/composite stair on the market. Achieving pure economy of form, our staircases feature everything that needs to be there, and nothing that doesn't.

Universal's staircases are at once minimal in their design, and a striking centre-piece for any architectural construction.

State of the art, high-end marine technology.

Utilising a process developed in-house for use in high-end luxury yachts, each 12mm thin tread is moulded from carbon fibre and exceptionally strong.

The exclusive process uses natural timber resulting in a beautiful warmth to each tread. By combining carbon fibre and rich natural timbers, a totally unique product is created: one that marries space-age construction with pure luxury.

The toughness of Composite technology.

Our technique produces a strength and toughness to each tread unavailable with traditional technologies. While each tread appears to be an incredibly thin piece of timber, it is in fact a highly-engineered piece of technology.

The treads utilise a protective layer that allows them to last longer than a traditional timber staircase and achieve a level of finish previously only seen in luxury yachts.

Freedom of choice.

We are able to construct each staircase to a wide variety of specifications.

An extensive range of timbers are available, as well as pure carbon fibre, revealing the technological core of the staircase for an industrial look.