RACING - Slimmer, Faster, Stronger

Aerodynamic design = maximum efficiency.

Slimmer, full disk wheels give your team a competitive edge. These wheels have the slimmest, most aerodynamic design available in the market today.

Optimised for high lateral loading.

Traditional wheels for the HPV Super Series are bicycle wheels, unsuited for three or four-wheeled machines.

Universal Composite wheels are designed for trikes and quad cycles and optimised for high lateral loading, which means you can turn faster and turn harder without suffering from damaged spokes or wheel deformity. Don't let your wheels be your limiting factor.

The toughness of carbon fibre.

Problems with collisions or spoke damage? With carbon-fibre technology, this is a problem of the past. By eliminating the chance of spoke damage, the wheels also maintain roundness, all resulting in faster lap times.

Brake system compatibility.

Our wheels are available in both disk and drum configurations for maximum compatibility with your existing frame.

Make sure to specify which configuration you need at the time of ordering to ensure you get the very best wheels for your project.